About me

My dream is to someday make my living through a combination of writing and art.

My favourite quote: (sorry, I don’t know whom to credit for it)

Find something you love doing, and that you’re good at and get paid well for doing it, and you will never work a day in your life.


I have been writing since forever, though not in volume and not consistently.

I had my first poem published in my church’s weekly newsletter when I was about 8. Big audience: I think that newsletter went to all the United Churches in Ontario, if not Canada.

I wrote my first “novel” the summer between primary school and high school. It was written in school notebooks, many of them, and unfortunately it was lost because everyone I knew wanted to read it, and the notebooks circulated around and ultimately disappeared. Since that time I have written some short stories and poems,  but never another novel. Maybe someday.

My preferred genre is fantasy or sci-fi.


I am currently discovering my artist persona. I have dabbled in it for years, but only in the past few months have I bothered to learn anything technical- and believe me, it is a very technical subject. Now I am going to get serious about it.

Eventually I will set up pages to share some of them with anyone who is interested.

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