A New Start

What better place to make a fresh start, on the threshold of a new year. So much has happened in the last month I feel invigorated and ready to make some big changes in my life. For one thing, I am going to get serious about painting.

For some years I have dabbled in both painting and writing. Lately I have got quite caught up in painting, and have started doing a few online courses to learn various techniques. Some of the resulting art has turned out quite well, and some not as well. I am still exploring to find my own style. Emulating other people’s style has not been as successful. However, I am learning new techniques that I can apply to my own creations.

I have been blessed to be surrounded by creative people, in my family, in my community, and in my associates. All have unique viewpoints and styles, and all enrich my life immeasurably.

It never occurred to me to write a blog, until I stumbled on www.painting-course.com. It’s a series of painting lessons created some time ago by Jeremiah Palecek, an American artist. He expected his students to make at least one drawing every day, start a blog, and upload their work to the blog for him to see. The blog would also let the student see his improvement as he progressed through the course.

So that’s what I am doing. And I will make one drawing (or painting) every day, to refine my ability. And hopefully write a few words in my blog every day.

But just so you know where I’m coming from, here is my very first painting ever, done around 1980. It is a painting of the Sugar Shack at the conservation area in Orangeville. I went there with my mother (who insisted no daughter of hers could be without artistic talent), specifically to paint. It was so bad I almost decided never to try again. My second wasn’t much better. Or my third. Etc. I knew what I wanted to create, but did not have the technical know-how to do it. In the last few months I have been acquiring that know-how, rather than stumbling around blindly.

This was in watercolour, as were all my efforts until some years later when I tried acrylics. Now I mostly do watercolours when on the road, and acrylics at home.

If you are interested in checking out Jeremiah Palecek’s art, you can find it at www.nerdkore.com.

Although his subject matter and style are different from mine, I find it thought-provoking.

‘Nuff writing. Back to painting now.


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