After a long absence…

I have made a commitment to make regular entries in this blog. Probably not daily, but regularly.

One thing that has held me back is the idea that it had to relate to my own writing or painting, when in truth I am inspired by, and often immersed in, the writing or painting of others.

I joined BookBub a couple of years ago, which gives me access to more books (free or low cost) than I could ever read, and I have discovered some amazing authors. It is a joy and delight to experience the imaginations of others and to be invited to step into their universe. Often I am reluctant to leave. When I am particularly drawn into one book of a series, I have to read the rest of the series, and order them. That’s probably the point of the authors’ participation in BookBub, after all. It’s exposure!

So sometimes I will mention here a particular author or book that has caught my fancy, in the hopes that anyone who reads this will check it out.

BookBub is a smorgasbord for readers. Any genre you can imagine, you’ll find it there.  I have tasted every flavour, I think, even ones I wouldn’t normally go for.  Often it’s a taste treat but sometimes I want to spit it out. I am really put off by a work that is obviously unedited, or poorly edited, full of spelling and grammar mistakes. Hopefully my own work won’t suffer from the same disorder when I get around to publishing it. Or at least if it does, it will be intentional (like this incomplete sentence).

Besides reading a few books every week, I have also been learning new painting techniques (well, new to me!) and trying them out. I have given up on trying to post photos of my work. I don’t have the knack or the proper equipment, and results are poor at best. Every time I watch someone else paint, I am filled with inspiration and the desire to emulate. A true artist makes it look so easy! And it probably is, to an experienced artist, but not so much to someone who is still trying to master the basics.

Now that I have a little more time, having for the most part retired, I look forward to working more on my own art and writing, if I can only pull myself away from reading.


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